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Sacred Geometry Light Language

Energy you are.

Look at the physical manifestation of you,

Look deeper, into your tissues, into your cells... feel your atoms dancing in the vibrations of what is you... LOVE, LIGHT!


Influenced you are, by your feeling happy or sad.

Different shapes, many colours can make you feel this or that.

This advanced healing and manifestation technique helps to uplift your consciousness, creates a positive energy around a person, a community or event.

It's nothing new.

The mosaics of the Middle East, the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, Peru and Mexico,

the calendars of the Aztecs and the sand mandala's of Tibet; all use

Sacred Geometry to help bridge the world of Spirit and matter, Heaven and Earth.

Wake up and trust!

Feel free to request a personal 7-shape grid at no charge :-)

Much love for a magical day!