All things Reflexology

Reflexology is a most effective medium to promote a sense of deep relaxation as well as an aid for a complete reset and rebalance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.












However you choose to look after yourself, make sure you give yourself that

much-needed-MOT ;

it's the only way to replenish, 'upload your battery' and...

put the power back!

Selfcare for the Reflexologist/ Massage therapist


These weekly sessions are designed to support the practising reflexologist in his/her work.

Looking after our own physique is vital! 

Intense use of the hands and thumbs can cause neck and/or shoulder issues, whilst prolonged sitting/standing is no feast for the lower back and hips.

Easing out all tissues involved, combined with targeted strengthening exercises is key.

From experience I know exactly what works and I would love to show you how, so that you too can put the power back!

(These classes are for reflexologists/massage therapists only.)

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